I’m Back With Big News

Have you seen season 1 of Foundation on Apple TV?

Adiaha of Ancestral Fiber Co has created a team of designers including yours truly to bring you a Foundations inspired kits! I am super excited to be part of this collection!! And my design, Gaal’s Origins debuts today!

Gaal’s Origins Tunic Pattern available at Ancestral Fiber Co

Gaal’s Origins is inspired by when we first meet Gaal’s character on Foundation, she is a young brilliant mathematician born on Synnax. Adiaha really captured the essence of Gaal’s homeland with this gorgeous shade of green. I chose to create a design that would be light and lacy.

Gaal’s Origins Tunic available at Ancestral Fiber Co

Gaal’s Origins is a size inclusive design incorporating broomstick lace along with textured stitches within a gorgeous tunic! Available exclusively at Ancestral Fiber Co.

I am looking forward to seeing the other designs as they are revealed all month long!


Exciting News

Calling all yarn lovers!! My friend Channy of ChannyPeasCorner has put together a Yarnament Advent and it is Epic!! She has created a tribute to some of our favorite yarn dyers! I am truly honored to design a project with these beautiful yarns! I am so excited!!

Here is the details and follow Channy on Instragram for more information!!

Created and Designed by Channy @channypeascorner. 
Artwork: @dkgraham

Yarnament Advent includes : 
12 minis ( 10 or 20g in a variety of bases) by your favorites.. ALL IN ONE BOX !!

@lolabeanyarnco – (Adella) 
@channypeascorner – (Channy) 
@moondrakeco – (Rachelle ) 
@jillyandkiddles ( Jill ) 
@Alwansultanfiber (Sultan) 
@Flyydyed – ( Rachel ) 
@Ancestral_fiber_co -( Adiaha) 
@heartsonfiber – ( Kim C) 
@Kimdyesyarn – (Kim R) 
@fiveboroughyarns – ( Lindsay ) 
@Periwinklesheep -( Karin) 
@TealTorchknits – (Christina)

12 yarnaments ( an “ornament” soft enamel magnet in each dyers colorway )

A magnetic board for all your yarnament magnets. Arrange your favorites any way you like.

I ❤️ Indie Dyers soft enamel pin and sticker. Designed by @dkgraham (Kirstan)

Sparkly glitter heart stitchmarkers by Jess @monarchythreads

A surprise full skein by @lefranceshandmade ( May )

A Pattern by @gwengoods ( Gwen) 
And a few surprises!!!

Preorder closes July 15th 
Yarnament Advent boxes ship Mid November. 
All the minis and magnets will be wrapped so you will be surprised ! Open when you want , but best to start mid December 13th!!

Thank you so much for supporting our shops!! ❤️ I’m honored to be in their company and supporting them as well ! 
A portion of all sales will go to https://www.everytown.org/


Love the Skin You’re In

Filling your Friday with love! It all started with this heart…

My first freeform Crochet heart.

That got me thinking of how I could create a way to celebrate us! Each one of us is truly unique and one of a kind. To celebrate our diversity and community with love!

So one weekend I grabbed some of my skin tone yarns from Bzy Peach, a hook, and the notes I had formulated to create these freeform hearts in the car on our way home.

The first 2 Love The Skin You’re In Hearts

Each heart starts as a spiral, that spreads into a heart.

Freeform Crochet Heart.

Then each heart is layered with texture and embellishments. As we all have layers within ourselves these pins are a reminder that are beauty comes from within.

This heart contains yarns from Bzy Peach, RedHeart, Tahki, Art Yarns, and LionBrand.
This heart contains yarns from Bzy Peach, Mitchell’s Creations, Schjeepes, FairyTale Yarns, RedHeart, and LionBrand.
This heart contains yarns from Bzy Peach, AmigurumiMe Mitchell’s Creations, RedHeart, and LionBrand.

Celebrate our beauty and love our skin from within! Each pin is available in my Etsy shop! Click on you favorite and save it your favorites!


Terrace: Garden Inspired Garments

Aster Pullover

The Terrace: Garden Inspired Garments is a new collection of patterns available on WeCrochet. We are about a week + a day away from the official first day of Spring! Spring is my favorite time of year, I love seeing nature wake from its winter sleep and brighten our world with warm sunshine and beautiful spring blooms. I am super excited to show you my designs featured in the Terrace Collection!

The Aster Pullover is a combination of lace and texture. This design begins at the center with Broomstick lace working sideways to the shoulder, then transitions to a textured stitch creating look of a chevron.

Aster Pullover

Then once one half of the front is complete, then second half of the front is worked creating the mirror image of the first half! It is definitely a fun and challenging pattern with a gorgeous reward!

Delphinium Tee

The Delphinium Tee is a light weight easy fitting top. This design features Stroll Tonal, I really love how this yarn creates the effect of waves within the repetition of the stitch pattern. It is worked from the bottom up in 2 panels, seamed together and finished with a neckline and sleeves.

Delphinum Tee

A two-row pattern repeat creates this serenely beautiful tee!

Now to show you more of the Terrace collection!

From left to right, the Garden Path Top by Nicky Jensen, the Crocus Tank by Alla Koval and the Tulip Top by Moon Eldridge. And there is more!

Again from left to right, the Lavender Vest by Paulina Ramirez, the Cherry Blossoms Top and Cardigan by Iaroslava Kryvonos and lastly, the Raindrop Top by Smitha Crasta!

I definitely need all of these tops for my spring and summer wardrobe! I feel so lucky and grateful to be part of a gorgeous collection of Crochet design! Treat yourself to the Terrace Collection!


Aurora B. Cowl

Aurora B Cowl Pattern

A few of my knitting friends were knitting up cowls with this fun yarn from Universal Yarns! When I saw this particular color at Fibre my local yarn shop, I loved it right away! I really enjoy Universal Yarns Bamboo Bloom Handpaints. It is a thin and thick yarn of shiny bamboo with woolly thick slubs. The fun of this yarn is highlighting the woolly slubs. This color way is Steven Befabulous, it reminds me of the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. It has been fun to design with this yarn again!

I worked up Bamboo Bloom once before for a design featured in Crochet! Magazine in Autumn 2015.

Expressionist Cowl, Crochet! Magazine Autumn 2015

It was the first time one my designs made the cover! The Expressionist Cowl used Tunisian Knit Stitch with the occasional Reverse stitches. This time I decided to use Simple Stitches along with sporadic Reverse stitches. To highlight the woolly slubs from the return pass, on the next forward pass using reverse stitches to push the woolly slubs to the front!

Point the wooly slubs worked with reverse stitches.

If you are looking for a fun and quick pattern and want to try Bamboo Bloom Handpaints, this pattern is available on Etsy, Ravelry and LoveCrafts.

Aurora B Cowl Pattern

Love & Kindness! Enjoy!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Most of my time is spent crocheting! I have tried other crafty endeavors such as needle felting, wet felting, spinning, knitting, cross-stitch, needlepoint, tye-dyeing thread and embroidery. I also love buying yarn acquiring a mega stash, a sable (Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy) of stash along with so many design ideas, I stick to crochet!

The one exception is embroidery! This year, I joined the Embroidery Club available at Bzy Peach Yarns! Embroidery thread can be used for crochet as well as creating beautiful stitch pictures and all the gorgeous colors, Love! This last weekend I opened up my February pack of thread and took a crochet break to stitch up this fun picture in time for Valentines Day!

First, I added some muslin to a 3″ hoop. Then I cut out my template from a choice of 2.

February included a spectrum of red to pink along with skin tones!

I cut enough that I could place it into my hoop right behind the fabric and then I traced the design onto to the muslin with a pencil.

Tracing the template in pencil.

I wound the thread around a clothes pin. I let the thread hang from my wrist and wind it on the the pin.

This month included 2 templates! Winding threads.

Laverne also has this fun caddy for your colors. I primarily used the back stitch, stem stitch, and split stitch. It is fun to try different stitches, I used a satin stitch on the main heart. Then added some French knots.

Recently I checked out this gorgeous book from the library! If you enjoy embroidery or looking to add a craft to your life a took at this book! It is truly beautiful!

Mystical Stitches by Christi Johnson

Wishing you a day filled with love! Spreading love and kindness! Back to working on my crochet projects!


Starting the year finishing a project I started back in 2018. I spent some time scrolling back in time on Instagram and found this picture of when I bought a new color of Aunt Lydia’s Classic Crochet Cotton, Black Light. I thought it would be fun to mix natural and this multicolor together.

First Scrumble 2018

Then a year later, I worked up these on the plane home from a CGOA Conference in Manchester, NH. At the conference I took a class on Mock HairPin lace.


The fun thing about freeform it is something that you can work on bits and pieces at a time. Until you have a collection of scrumbles.

2020 Collection of Scrambles

Then after a certain point you start to lay out the scrumbles and see what they could become.

Collection of Scrumbles Layout

Anytime is a great time to work on scrumbles, like Saturday morning while tuning in to Bzy Peach Saturday Morning Shenanigans.

Saturday Morning with BzyPeach and friends

Then all the scrumbles are laid out and joined together! Another color is added to create even more contrast!

Joining all the Scrumbles

Then it’s time to even out the edges, and weave in all the ends unless they have all been cleaned up as the work progressed.

Weaving in so many ends!

And all that hard work turn out into something truly beautiful and a function art piece!

The perfect accessory for anytime!


Left Hand Tutorial for Zaina Beanie

Left Hand Tutorial for Cross stitch pattern.

The Zaina Beanie has a beautiful visual texture, by crossing a stitch in front of 2 stitches. Working a crossed stitch in the last stitch of the previous round hides the seam creating a seamless appearance. Follow these steps to work the cross stitch pattern.

Thank you for your support! Enjoy!

December Make Along


Are you ready for a Make Along? Starting tomorrow?

I am teaming up with some fabulous designers to make this December a whole bunch of fun! Most of the fun will take place on Instagram and the fabulous designers include, Ila Quinn @ilaquinndesigns, Morolape @thepurplecrochet, Naana @narosedesigns, Leah @iplaywithfiber, Talia @taliacrochetcreations, Teresa @fuzzywhatnots and yours truly @gwengoods. There will be free patterns and giveaways, so make sure you are following all of us and use #decemberMAL.

Now to introduce my contribution, Zaina Beanie!! Pick your style of making top down or bottom up this pattern has you covered. Either version works up in worsted weight yarn in about 120-150 yds! It’s a perfect stash buster or in these fun yarns from WeCrochet!

Zaina Beanie Worked from bottom up in Chroma Twist and from top down in Brava Speckle.

I have worked the pattern from top down in Kim Dyes Yarn in Cannoli Worsted in colorway Cathedral Windows.

Kim Dyes Yarn, Cannoli Worsted in Cathedral Windows

Another version, worked from the bottom up from Fuzzy What Knots, Zebra Worsted in colorway, The Witching Hour.

Fuzzy What Knots, Zebra Worsted in The Witching Hour

I am so excited to see what you all make!! Zaina Pattern will be posted right here tomorrow!