Flowers to Butterflies

Happy Spring!  I have patterns for butterflies, but I wanted to create my own pattern.  I feel so inspired by all the other amazing crochet I see on Etsy.  So I created butterflies with the same versatility as my flower pair motifs.  They have a loop on the back so they can slide on my hair clips, bobby pins, necklace, headbands, and as a pin with a safety pin.  So I am slowly taking a break from flowers to mix in some butterflies.  Next will be ladybugs at my daughters request.  

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I live with my family in Neenah, WI. My day job is working at our local library. I spend time everyday exploring the art of crochet. Everyday life inspires my work from family to nature.

5 thoughts on “Flowers to Butterflies

  1. I like the butterflies but I really like ladybugs so I will be waiting to see those. Yes, the barbershop where my daughter works is very cool. I remember when my daughter enjoyed little crochet things like butterflies and ladybugs…now she into the fingless mittens; slouchy hates and long skinny scarfs. take care gwen.

  2. Hi there, just had to tell you how sweet those little butterflies are, can\’t wait to see the ladybirds as we call them in the UK. Wish I could make something up like that. Dev X

  3. Ahhh the butterflies are adorable.Good work.Thank you for the kind comment about my tutorial.Me Mum and I would sit and wip up various cute creations, such as my wee bunny pattern.Very basic, extremely easy to make.I just like to make most things in mini fashion. Whereas Mum would make things in great large fashion.I thought I would share this wee cutie, as my first tutorial.Fun break from painting and \’other\’ art projects.Happy you stopped by.cheers~Bairbre Aine

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