Orla’s Lunch Box

This fall I will have a 2nd job as an assistant teacher, at the Children’s Garden Preschool, down the street from our house.  This coming week I will be working a week of summer camp and Orla will be going too.  So she needed a lunch box, and I wanted her to have a washable lunch box, that wasn’t necessarily plastic, and didn’t cost much money. 
 So I decided to use some of my yarn stash to make her one… with Sugar n’ Cream Cotton yarn in Violet Veil… 

I started it and got fairly far before I didn’t like it and took it all apart….

I made bottom with an F hook and had to switch to a D hook on the sides.  I made it big enough to fit her Foogo cup, and her lunch items.  I also recently found Green Street Bags and bought these reusable, washable, sandwich and snack bags

Snack Sack - Apples and Pears- gusset bottom like this one but elephant fabric

So, the second try turned out perfect, all I have to do is add a snap.

She loves her new lunch bag, and I am thinking of fun things I can send in her lunch and so is she…

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4 thoughts on “Orla’s Lunch Box

  1. Gwen don't you just love the Sugar-n-Cream yarn. The lunch bag is adorable! My daughter is 23 and there are times when I truly miss when she was Orla's age! I just made my little girl a tip wallet with the cutest button shaped like a pair of scissors, she a hairstylist, see we never stop making stuff for our little girls!

  2. oh my goodness Gwen, what a cute lunch box!I received the second box, and I can't find words to let you know how thankful I am.You're a very nice and generous person, thank you so much.

  3. Oh, this is a very lovely lunch bag. Handmade is great. The more projects I see the more I an enamored with handmade items. The yarn choice is great. I haven't seen this color before. Thanks for sharing!!!

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