Free trinkets for Orla, she is really cute.

I have said I don’t need anymore yarn, and I have shown you all I don’t need anymore yarn. But, and there is always that but, every time I go home, I seem to find myself going to Herrschners. You all probably get the catalogs but they have a retail store as well. When I was in there around Christmas, someone drove all the way from Arkansas to shop at the retail shop, to find colors for this cross-stitch crochet afghan, she ended up buying embroidery thread to get the colors she needed. I did not get to see the afghan but the employees were talking about it.

So on our recent trip, Orla and I had to see if they had bamboo yarn for Alessandra’s yarn swap and they did in the bargain section. Of course, they also had a bunch of other yarns too.

Orla was really into shopping and had picked much more than I bought.
$.99 yarns to make scarves?
These are definitely a hat and scarf set.
Market bags, I think this thread has been discontinued essentially it is two size 10 threads held together. I wish, I could make these bags faster, then I would sell them.
And yet more thread for flowers, barrettes, and clips.
The only non sale item, it is a scarf in progress. If you ever get to Steven’s Point, WI stop by Herrschners.

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5 thoughts on “Herrschners

  1. 99 cents yarn! I definitely don't need anymore, but you got a good deal. Never been to WI but I'll check out the website. Great stuff here!

  2. I always say I don't need anymore yarn, yet when I go someplace that has a lot of it – and especially on sale – I will buy some. I guess I must be a yarnaholic; -)Great finds!

  3. Love the nob hill. gwen email me and I will email you back the patterns for the hat and gloves. due to copyright laws I can send them via our blog as you know. they where shared with me so I can share them with you. Love those bags! Thanks for letting me know about the gluten free recipe I will check it out. I will checkout the mag at the library and copy recipe…i like to think of it as recycling the mag. gloria

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