Roadside Flowers

Do you ever notice the roadside flowers while driving down the highway? I always enjoy seeing flowers and these blue flowers in particular are my favorite. There is just something about them, soft and airy. I spotted them while we were in Illinois at a gas station.

These other flowers or weeds are interesting too.


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6 thoughts on “Roadside Flowers

  1. Yes, Gwen. I always look at those roadside flowers. I also like to see how the median decoration changes from state to state. I always want to stop and take pictures, but I can never figure out how to do it without getting run over or getting a ticket. 🙂

  2. I love looking at them through the train window: poppies, little daisies and oleanders at the railway side, down in the ravine or up in the hills, but I don't dare walking close to them because I'm allergic to other weeds that live among these cuties.

  3. Yes, I notice every little thing. I am a big nature lover and in spite of my near sightedness, I seem to see the smallest bugs when I'm out and about, which really makes me wonder about my eye sight 😉

  4. Aren't the roadside flowers the best! To me they look so beautiful, maybe because no one bothers them and they can grow to their hearts content. I just love seeing all the beautiful colors as I'm going down the road.xxxx

  5. I'm sorry I am so late in getting here. I received the gorgeous flower pin you sent in the mail. I love it. Thank you so much~it's beautiful.Ruth

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