We had so much fun on our trip to Michigan. with Kevin’s family.  When we all get together there are 20 of us, and we all stayed in one big house on a lake.  The weather was perfectly cool, and the sun did not set until 10:30, which Orla adapted to quite well.  She loved playing in the water, it did not matter if she had a suit, clothes or no clothes.    Simply wonderful.

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I live with my family in Neenah, WI. My day job is working at our local library. I spend time everyday exploring the art of crochet. Everyday life inspires my work from family to nature.

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  1. How beautiful it is there… I think I could be quite comfortable with Michigan's weather…I don't like the humidity and heat – not in the least. I'd rather suffer the cold in the winter if it meant not to endure this!I'm glad you had a lovely time on your visit. I enjoyed looking at all of your photos. Looks like your daughter enjoyed herself 🙂 I love lakes.

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