This is a dodecahedron which is a polyhedron with 12 points.  What is a hedron?  it is a geometric figure having a certain number of surfaces.

As I was looking for pattern on Ravelry,  I first found a Berroco pattern for this, and thank goodness I found Amy Thornton’s pattern.  Thank you so much Amy!   I have made 3.  On the first 2 I would get to the end and somewhere along the way I did not assemble something right and I would take it all apart and assemble from start to finish without trouble.  

With my 3rd one I could assemble it as I went along, the difficult part is stuffing it, and with the 12th point I slip stitched 2 sides from the outside and it looks fine.  They are fairly quick to make, took apart a cowl and a shawl I made with sock yarn just so I could make more.   I also  bought some clearance sock yarn, so I can make lots of them.  If you try one leave all your tails long for stitching your seams tight when it is finished.  Enjoy!

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  1. How fun! I've never triet that…Gizzy ones had a doggy toy in that shape, but it was plush… I love experimenting with new patterns too. Thanks for the links to the patterns on Ravelry! Have a great day, Gwen 🙂

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