Summer Jewelry

Over time you collect things for me it is yarn, beads, thread, and hooks all of which I have in great supply.  Well, at Stitches South this year, I bought a spool of nylon thread, and silk thread in 2 colors.   
I had these natural aquamarine squares from a previous purchase 
and paired with a pale aqua silk thread.  I made this one for myself, since my birthday in March.

Dyed Pearls with blues silk thread. 

This idea came from a necklace I saw at Anthropologie.  This is one super long strand that wraps as many times as 4 as in the picture.  This is made with a denim color nylon.  Even with all these beads, the necklace has weight but it is not heavy.  
Pairing these beads together, I always thought I would use a blue thread but a red nylon thread won.  I have had these beads and the red nylon for some and finally over the summer I put them together.  I try to find a balance between form and freedom.  The number of each bead, with the number of stitches in between the beads, creating some spaces more random than others.  
This is a pale aqua thread with Size 8 japanese seeds beads, in a frosted iridescent steel gray.  Beads and bobbles create the necklace and earrings while straight beaded lines make the button band.  
Peacock color thread and random blue, green, and turquoise beads create this five strand freeform necklace, bracelet and earrings.  
I am continuing to work on beaded button bands, and I have some more beads strung for new creations to be worked up soon.  Enjoy!

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