Fall into Winter

I always have a stack of patterns I would like to try, and last weekend I did just that…

This is a free pattern from Lion Brand, it is the Love Birds pattern and it is very quick and easy!  I made another pair and we gave them as a birthday present.  These are Orla’s and yes it is all about pink for my girl.  This week on our morning walk one day, Orla and I collected some leaves so I could add some fall to my classroom at our preschool. 

 Then I was thinking of an idea for my shop, here is a hint….

It seems when people think of winter all they can think about is the COLD.  When within winter there is so much beauty, in the dormant trees, the frosty green lawns, and the snow, how it glistens from the trees.  I so enjoy looking out the window during a snow and having the feeling I am in my own snow globe.  We don’t get much of this in sunny, barely cold, Atlanta, but we are lucky enough to experience snow at least once every winter.  So with these snowflakes I would like to create some magic.  
More to follow.  


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