Blocking and New Scarf

I made this Wavy Lace Scarf over the summer, with Dragonfly Fibers, Dance Rustic Silk in the color Forget me knot.  It is 100% silk and 450 yards. I blocked this scarf yesterday measuring 10 1/2″ by 70″.
It is light, lacy and feels wonderful.
This is a scarf for Kevin.  The yarn is Gedifra, Korella, it is 53% Flax and 47% Acrylic.  This is a discontinued yarn I bought at Herrshners Retail Shop, 4 @ $.99.  I think this my first time crocheting with flax and it has an interesting texture.  This scarf is tunisian cross stitch variation with reverse st and simple.  I am enjoying the visual texture it creates.  

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One thought on “Blocking and New Scarf

  1. Kevin's scarf looks great!!! I'd love to try that stitch, but this part makes me want to cry…. \”tunisian cross stitch variation with reverse st and simple\” ……AHHHH!!! LOL I guess I'll just stick with dc cross stitches! :-DBut I'm definitely intrigued with FLAX yarn — I didn't even know they made that! (silly me, they make everything now!) I'm off to see what I can find!LOVELY crocheted items, Gwen! 🙂

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