WIP Wednesday -Irish Crochet

On our trip to the beach back in June, I brought along this wonderful book…

It was much to windy to do any thread crochet at the beach, so I worked on these motifs in the car from the hotel to the beach and on our ride home.  I love how thoroughly Kathryn shows how to pad rings and cords.  She details how each motif looks with padding and without.  So while sitting at the pool I started making padded rings and then I tried this ….
 With a very long tail, load a slip loop with a ch, as if to stitch into the loop..

Then holding the tip of a pencil next to the hook, using the tail thread, wrap 12 loops onto the pencil.     Not too tight, not to loose either.  

Then slipping the loops off the pencil and pinching them together,  start working 12 sc into the ring. It looks pretty messy but just wait…

 Again, be sure the sc are not to tight, not too loose, just right.  
Voila!  12 sc into the ring.   Join to the 1st sc. 

Then pull the tail thread until you have a nice padded circle.  
If you pull too tight the thread will break.
Here is my favorite motif so far… 
A very happy carnation!

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