Hair Clips and Hairpin Lace

Yesterday I got a message from  one of my favorite customers.  She asked me if I could make her some clips and of course I said, “Sure!”  So last night I made these for her…

and listed tbem in my shop this morning, how is that for quick turn around.

Now over the weekend, I decided to play with hairpin lace.  I am enrolled in Ellen Gormley’s class,  Learn to Crochet Lace:  Hairpin, Broomstick and Bruges from Annies  What I like about this class is that you make things right away, learn how to follow a pattern as you are learning a new technique.  And since I am left-handed I appreciate how Ellen takes the time to show a left handed version as well.  The wonderful thing about the online class platform whether it is Annies or Craftsy, the classes are very affordable (especially when they are on sale), informative, you can work at your own pace,  ask questions and show off your work too.

The bonus is you make beautiful items as you are learning new things about the craft you love!!

So here is the start of what looks like spines …

 and here is the finished piece….
 and now for more fun…

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