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Over the Christmas Holiday, I started working on my Vintage set.  This pattern is from Women’s Circle Crochet, Winter 1981.  In the Materials section, it states you need Knitting Worsted including the number of ounces per size, and crochet hook size I or 9, yarn needle and buttons.  For my size needing 14 ounces of yarn to me requires a guesstimate.  Depending a the yarn you wish to use, 14 ounces could equal 728 to 1,116 yds of yarn.   

For this project I chose, Lion Brand Heartland, at 15 oz. equals 753 yds.  I set to work crocheting this pattern, starting with the hat…

As it is a cuffed hat,  I thought it needed a finishing statement so I added this button.  


Then working on the cape modifiying the length some, it is an easy pattern to follow.  It is a light and lacy pattern.  As I was just about finished, I ran out of yarn.  So off to the store I went to buy one more skein….
Heartland is a pleasant yarn to use, it is soft and has a nice drape.  My vintage set turned out really turned out well, and would love to make it again.  

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