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Methods of organization can take many forms.  When I started making my hair clips in 2007, I made this for all the thread colors in my collection….

a nice reasonable set of colors expanded more and more and continues to grow. Currently this is my thread collection….
and it still continues to grow.  I love these clear Plano Stowaways ( yep, fishing tackle). They have inserts to make sections if you wish.   Originally,  my colors were grouped by family, greens in one, blues in another so on and so on. 
  One important rule to submitting designs for publication,  Do not mix different yarn company brands with the proposed project.  One of the things,  I learned from taking Marly Bird’s class From hobby to profession at Stitches South.  Now all my thread is organized by brand like this…..

just look at this wonderful rainbow!  This tote is all Aunt Lydia’s Classic Cotton solids not including neutrals…
the neutral are in this one with the multi colors.  It also includes J&P Coats Knit-Cro-Sheen.  This thread has been around for a very long time.  Both of which are owned by Coats (RedHeart).  Now for the next rainbow…
Nazli Gelin Garden thread solids, metallics and multis.
Six totes with a rainbow in each one!  I love my thread!

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