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Sometimes when I am looking for a particular book, I could spend more than a few minutes looking and looking.  How does one organize their crochet library by author, by type of crochet?  Here is how I organized my library last night…..

 First, I grouped the publishing company together. In my case I buy a number of books from different publishers like Interweave and St. Martin’s Griffin.  I use them very often if not all the time.  
Then from there, I grouped them by Author as you can see…..
These two shelves above and below are my main go to books along with some vintage books I have collected.  

 This is the shelf of short books all grouped together by publisher and author…

 Then this red cover is the ,,,
oldest Crochet book I own and it was published in….
1946.   Wow, I love it!  Found at a used book sale at a library.

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I live with my family in Neenah, WI. My day job is working at our local library. I spend time everyday exploring the art of crochet. Everyday life inspires my work from family to nature.

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