WIP -Wednesday Jewelry

Within Ravelry there are groups and one group I am part of is Crochet Jewelry.  Each month there is a CAL (crochet along) so on Monday I worked up January….

It is the Heirloom Lace Bracelet from Andrea H and you can find the pattern here.  I started this pattern using foundation stitches.  After you make the bracelet then you can continue making the button band and button holes.   So how I did this is first,  I worked along one side to create the button holes….
then I continued along the beginning edge of the bracelet in slip stitches to the other side…
then worked the buttonband.   Leaving my ends ready to sew buttons on is the last thing left to do…
Now for February…
is the rose and this pattern can be found here 
Again with this pattern I used a foundation eyelet stitch.  Marty Miller has a fabulous class on Craftsy, Mastering Foundation Stitches.   Instead of sewing the brooch together I gathered it together with a combination of slip stitches and dec sc.  I had it all finished ready to go and Hannah the puppy….
pulled it off my desk and ate the leaves.  So  today, I will be making new leaves and finish it again.  

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