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The Chainless Double Crochet (CSDC) is changing the way I crochet.  First learning this stitch from Tamara at Moogly while working up her Moroccan Tote Bag.  Now I incorporate this stitch every chance I can.  Remember the hat I showed you on Monday…

 Using the chainless stitches can create a more seamless look like this….

my seam is right at the bottom of this valley.  
Here is how the seam would have looked following the pattern…
Not at all invisible.  
Now let me show you how to do a chainless dc decrease ….
Pull up a loop…

wrap hook around loop, yo, 

pull loop through, (2 loops on hook)  yo, insert hook into next st, yo, pull loop through 

yo, pull through 2, (3 loops on hook), yo,  

pull through all 3 loops, continue to work your pattern and 

join with sl st to the top of your dec.  Continue your pattern with or without turning.  

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