Happy Friday! Upcycled WIP pouches

This week I stopped at Goodwill to see if there were any pouches for works in progress (WIP), like this one….

a Clinique pouch.  
These pouches are pretty and spacious and for $1.99 it is a great value.  I have quite a few of these fun (wip) pouches.  Then I continue looking and I find this one an Estee Lauder…
Thought this one is smaller it is see through, perfect for that one project that may take awhile.  Or take so long you wonder, and think to yourself what is in there?  
And you can see, “Oh, it is that project, yeah, I should work on that.”  
Now for the best pouch of my recent search….
A fabulous find!  An Orla Keily, for $2.99.  
It is a beauty organizer and retails for $16.99.  
I have some crochet tools and notions that will love living in this pouch. 
My daughter’s name is Orla too, but not named after the designer.  She enjoys seeing her name on Soap bottles or other Orla Keily items we see, mostly at Target or Goodwill.  

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