Hannah the Handful

We are dog sitting for my dad again.   My dad has two dogs,  a Scottish terrier named Igor (Egor) and a German Wired Hair Pointer Puppy named Hannah.  Hannah is almost a year old, and a full out crazy hyper puppy.  She does great outside running in our backyard (thank goodness), here she is after a few hours outside….

She is very sweet and cute.  
While she is inside the house, she needs to stay in her room (a crate),  otherwise things like this could happen…
This is what we came home to on Saturday after a trip to the Farmers Market.   
She escaped from her room and had so much fun.  As you can see she got into some of my thread, and some of Orla’s toys… 
We have quite a few causalities….
missing limbs and wings but kitty got it worst of all. 
 She got a hold of my crocheted potholders…
Now I have to make some new potholders.  
Needless to say for the rest of her visit all doors will be closed and toys safely put away.  

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