WIP Wednesday -the end details

Are the type of person that gets it all done at once or do you set it in a pile with other items waiting for finishing?

So you are crocheting along and you come to the end of the project, all that is left… weaving in the ends, adding handles, buttons and blocking.  Do you stick with it and finish it or do you move onto the next project leaving ends undone?  That is the question I am asking myself today.   It varies sometimes I work on a project from beginning to completely finish it. Much like this pullover that I made with leftover yarn from another project.
 aqua top.JPG
You can find this pattern, Rose Shell by Lorna Miser in the Spring 2016 issue of Love of Crochet. I made it with Bernat Baby, sport wt. yarn.

Then sometimes a project is added to a growing pile of things waiting for finishing.  I made this purse, all the ends are woven in, still waiting for handles to be sewn on.
This pattern is Memphis Bag by Kristin Omdahl from her book, The Finer Edge. I used Sinfonia (sport wt. cotton) and Wool-free Lace from Premier Yarns.

So in an effort to work on my finishing progress, I will sit down and sew them on.  


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