First Light Rug

When I started designing, I set goals of someday having a pattern featured in Interview Crochet.  And I am happy to say I have accomplished that goal.   I am pleased to introduce First Light Rug.

It is made with Universal Yarns Yashi, a Raffia yarn. 
I really enjoyed working with this natural fiber yarn. 
It is wonderfully easy to work with as well as pleasing to my hands. 

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I live with my family in Neenah, WI. My day job is working at our local library. I spend time everyday exploring the art of crochet. Everyday life inspires my work from family to nature.

3 thoughts on “First Light Rug

  1. Hi Gwen! I am on my last motif & wondering if I need to somehow block before beginning the border….it seems like it needs to be blocked. I'll post a project on Ravelry soon. Thanks for your help….RebeccaMemphis

  2. HI Rebecca, you could block it before adding the border and then block it again. I think I added the boder then blocked it, pinning each square then the border.

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