Velva Cowl Left & Right Hand Tutorial

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          The Velva Cowl is a Tunisian crochet design inspired from a knit stitch. Something I enjoy is creating things that look like knit but are actually crochet.  It is fun to play around with knit stitches and reproduce them in crochet.

This particular stitch creates a lovely slanting parallelogram. This particular stitch combination creates a sleek diagonal line and slant, which is determined depending on the hand you use to crochet. 
If you are right-handed your parallelogram will look like this…
and if you are left-handed (like me) it will look like this…
 Now for the HOW TO… for righties…
1.   2.   
3.   4.  
      Now for Lefties…
1.  2.        
3.  4.   
To find this pattern and many more fabulous crochet patterns
find Colorful Crochet at your local Craft and Bookstore.  

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