Floral Garden Dress behind the scenes

For the CGOA design competition at Chainlink in Manchester, NH, I created my first dress.  The idea to crochet a dress had been living in the creative space of my brain since I left Chainlink 2018 in Portland, OR.

I had a vision and a goal.  The method was Modern Irish Freeform.

It all started with some motifs.

I collect green glass from thrift stores perfect for my crochet motifs.  Then I created a sketch and counted my motifs on May 19th the motif count was 167. I approximated I would need 300.  
I created motifs in the car.
 I created motifs for days and days.  And this is how I kept track of my progress. 
Then to prep all the motifs, cutting ends, and steaming.
This took some time so I watched Myra Wood’s Modern Freeform class for company.  I created the neckline and sleeve in a continuous piece of Bruges Lace. Then I laid them out.
  Then to join all the motifs. I started joining all the motifs on May 28th and finished June 6th.

Last I added the bottom hem of Bruges lace, finishing the dress on June 5th.  
Here is how it turned out.
From Design competition 
to Fashion Show Runway!

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