When the pandemic first started, I thought if I have to say home for my safety that’s fine more time for Crochet.  I thought maybe I could make a dent in my yarn stash. So I kept crocheting and finished some projects.  Took some time to stop crocheting and type up those projects and send them off Emily, my tech editor.

 Interweave has a sale for some workshops,  one was on photography and it I learned so much!  The class is titled, I can Click with Shannon Mullet-Bowlsby!

I have reconnected Zoom with my of my friends that I would meet up with at the Barnes & Noble on Moreland Ave.  And then with some of my local friends more zooming.

Then at some point,  my two local yarn shops, Fibre and Casting On had introduced the Quaranskein! Are you thinking what is a quaranskein?  How it works based on your preferences, you pick a code word, and the amount you wish to spend.  The yarn shop owner crafts a purchase and schedules a pick up or delivery! And they both also had trunk shows. So I bought some yarn to help support my local yarn shops.

And then I thought well what about all the other indie-dyers out there, I see all there beautiful yarn on Instagram, so then I bought some more yarn. OMG Yarn Balls, Big Sky Yarn Co., Dyetastic, Laura Nelkin and Katrinkles. Etsy is the place for all this wonderful yarn goodness and everything else too.

Then my friend Vashti from Designing Vashti had a sale and the ChaiGoo Tunisian hooks that I had be eyeing now had to be mine! Plus some of her Lotus Snack Cakes!

 As a designer thoughts and vision take over your mind, yeah I could make something fabulous with that and the shopping continues.

And then a visit We Crochet and the value packs, OH ME, OH MY! I have more yarn than when the Pandemic started oh wait we are still in it, but now we can go out with mask and hand sanitizer to visit our local yarn stores in person.

Hidden underneath all that Pandemic yarn is puzzle #2.

Stay Safe & Healthy!  Enjoy!

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I live with my family in Neenah, WI. My day job is working at our local library. I spend time everyday exploring the art of crochet. Everyday life inspires my work from family to nature.

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