The Inside Story of Elecktra Cowl

A day in the life of this yarn junkie. The story behind my Elecktra Cowl Pattern

Elecktra Cowl

Most days I am crocheting and listening to a book. I get ready for work then sit down with my crochet and an audio book, crocheting until I have to leave.  Most days I pay attention to the time but this one day in particular I did not.  When I finally looked at the time realizing I would be late for work, I hustled into my car opening the garage door as I started my car. I proceed to back out of the garage without paying attention to the rate of speed of the garage door opening. All of a sudden, I heard a kind of snap! I stop and realize I just lost the antenna from the back of the car, it is now stuck in the garage door.  All of a sudden, I have no radio station. As I am speeding to work, I scan for any possible radio station, and voila the only station is classic greatest hits, 103.9 BBO.  Some old songs make me giggle. Do you some old songs make you giggle too? 

The devastation of losing the antenna is most felt as we are passing by Point Pleasant (Hello Wisconsin) on our way to Chicago and the moment we could or used to be able to switch the radio to Chicago’s 93.1 XRT. This is the moment I feel most guilty for being a yarn junkie. 

Anyway, around Thanksgiving, the Fibre shop (my lys) had a trunk show with Blackcat Fibers. They create some fabulous colorways. I successfully limited myself to 3 skeins, I chose the color ways; Lucy Fur, Chryosilna, and Electric Ave. When I see or hear the words Electric avenue, I start hearing Rick James sing in my head, “We gonna rock you to electric avenue, and then will take you higher…” So, as I made my purchase all the while the song playing in my head. I picked out a stitch pattern from Vogue Knitting Stitchionary, Volume: 4 to use for this fabulous color way. I typed up the pattern, too my standard amateur pictures, sent it off for tech editing (Fiat Fibers). Lastly, I added a hand drawn stitch chart, and it is now available for purchase on Ravelry and my Etsy shop

Epilogue: Since I originally wrote this story, we inherited a newer car, my Dad now has this car and he doesn’t listen to the radio.  

Elecktra Cowl


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