2020 Year in Review

Looking back over this year that seems to have lasted an eternity in blursdays and months that appeared then disappeared in a quasi-oblivion. It started off all peachy keen and then mid-January my co-worker said, “It’s coming” and I was like “what?” COVID-19! Then a few weeks, month or so later everything shut down except a certain twitter account. Today, I am focused on looking back and finishing my 100th book of the year, We Are Never Meeting in Real Life, by Samantha Irby. In a year with so much heartache, it seems fitting to have some laughs within tears, feeling ever optimistic to the new year!

In looking back which not something I have ever done before but it seems to be a thing and why not?! Anyway, this year I had 29 published patterns. 12 patterns in various magazines such as Interweave Crochet, Crochet World, Simply Crochet and WeCrochet!

Spring Rain Shawl, Interweave Crochet, Spring 2020

The other 17 patterns are self-published by yours truly! All of these patterns are available for purchase and hearts on my Ravelry page, LoveCrafts and Etsy shop!

Devica Cowl

The Devica Cowl is the highlight of this year! Being part of the Dope Women Creating collaboration with these fantastic fabulous makers; Channy, Nadine, Yasmen, Nellie, Rachel, Gina, Tammi, Shala, and Kirstan. We are all so dope! I have learned so much this year and opened up my world for the better! And I am ready to continue creating more dope shit in 2021!

Wishing you all the best in 2021!



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