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Have you ever tried FreeForm Crochet? I first learned about Freeform Crochet when I checked out from the library, the book, The Crochet Workshop by Sylvia Cosh & James Walters which then lead to The Art of Crochet by Del Pitt Feldman. These books have become a part of my personal library. I have also taken a few classes from Myra Wood, on Craftsy and at Crochet Guild of America Chainlink Conferences. So eventually I joined the International FreeForm Fiberarts Guild (IFFFG), anyone can join and create art in Crochet or any Fiberart, and I have been contributing to their yearly challenge for the past 6 years! This year the challenge theme was Architecture, Buildings & Cityscapes.

As soon as the theme was decided, I knew I wanted to create a piece that represented our collective humanity, all of us together, every shade of skin! The first skin tone yarns I bought were from Mitchell’s Creations featured on Crafty is Cool. Originally, I thought I would make my piece with only Terra’s (Mitchell’s Creations)yarn, but…

Mitchell’s Creations Skin Tones

My idea thought was to build community and to do that I needed to include all the skin and skein tones of yarn. So I bought all the skin tones from Crafty is Cool

Crafty is Cool Skin Tones

Then all the skein tones from Lion Brand

Lion Brand Skein Tones

And all the Afro Melanin Magic from Bzy Peach

Skin tones by Bzy Peach

For my interpretation of this year’s challenge, I chose to build a representation of our collective humanity.  To celebrate our diversity as well as our continual fight to complete and total equality.


Every shade of skin

    Represented Within

Standing Together in 

    Unity for Equality

Our fists raised high

     To be Recognized

Our voices heard 

     And Acknowledged

In Community 

   We are better together

Standing Side by Side

Embracing our Diversity 

    And at the 

          center is 


Everyone is welcome and celebrated at our table!


    Find more about the IFFFG on Ravelry or Facebook!  Be Love and Kindness!


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I live with my family in Neenah, WI. My day job is working at our local library. I spend time everyday exploring the art of crochet. Everyday life inspires my work from family to nature.

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