Starting the year finishing a project I started back in 2018. I spent some time scrolling back in time on Instagram and found this picture of when I bought a new color of Aunt Lydia’s Classic Crochet Cotton, Black Light. I thought it would be fun to mix natural and this multicolor together.

First Scrumble 2018

Then a year later, I worked up these on the plane home from a CGOA Conference in Manchester, NH. At the conference I took a class on Mock HairPin lace.


The fun thing about freeform it is something that you can work on bits and pieces at a time. Until you have a collection of scrumbles.

2020 Collection of Scrambles

Then after a certain point you start to lay out the scrumbles and see what they could become.

Collection of Scrumbles Layout

Anytime is a great time to work on scrumbles, like Saturday morning while tuning in to Bzy Peach Saturday Morning Shenanigans.

Saturday Morning with BzyPeach and friends

Then all the scrumbles are laid out and joined together! Another color is added to create even more contrast!

Joining all the Scrumbles

Then it’s time to even out the edges, and weave in all the ends unless they have all been cleaned up as the work progressed.

Weaving in so many ends!

And all that hard work turn out into something truly beautiful and a function art piece!

The perfect accessory for anytime!


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