Terrace: Garden Inspired Garments

Aster Pullover

The Terrace: Garden Inspired Garments is a new collection of patterns available on WeCrochet. We are about a week + a day away from the official first day of Spring! Spring is my favorite time of year, I love seeing nature wake from its winter sleep and brighten our world with warm sunshine and beautiful spring blooms. I am super excited to show you my designs featured in the Terrace Collection!

The Aster Pullover is a combination of lace and texture. This design begins at the center with Broomstick lace working sideways to the shoulder, then transitions to a textured stitch creating look of a chevron.

Aster Pullover

Then once one half of the front is complete, then second half of the front is worked creating the mirror image of the first half! It is definitely a fun and challenging pattern with a gorgeous reward!

Delphinium Tee

The Delphinium Tee is a light weight easy fitting top. This design features Stroll Tonal, I really love how this yarn creates the effect of waves within the repetition of the stitch pattern. It is worked from the bottom up in 2 panels, seamed together and finished with a neckline and sleeves.

Delphinum Tee

A two-row pattern repeat creates this serenely beautiful tee!

Now to show you more of the Terrace collection!

From left to right, the Garden Path Top by Nicky Jensen, the Crocus Tank by Alla Koval and the Tulip Top by Moon Eldridge. And there is more!

Again from left to right, the Lavender Vest by Paulina Ramirez, the Cherry Blossoms Top and Cardigan by Iaroslava Kryvonos and lastly, the Raindrop Top by Smitha Crasta!

I definitely need all of these tops for my spring and summer wardrobe! I feel so lucky and grateful to be part of a gorgeous collection of Crochet design! Treat yourself to the Terrace Collection!


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