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Have you seen season 1 of Foundation on Apple TV?

Adiaha of Ancestral Fiber Co has created a team of designers including yours truly to bring you a Foundations inspired kits! I am super excited to be part of this collection!! And my design, Gaal’s Origins debuts today!

Gaal’s Origins Tunic Pattern available at Ancestral Fiber Co

Gaal’s Origins is inspired by when we first meet Gaal’s character on Foundation, she is a young brilliant mathematician born on Synnax. Adiaha really captured the essence of Gaal’s homeland with this gorgeous shade of green. I chose to create a design that would be light and lacy.

Gaal’s Origins Tunic available at Ancestral Fiber Co

Gaal’s Origins is a size inclusive design incorporating broomstick lace along with textured stitches within a gorgeous tunic! Available exclusively at Ancestral Fiber Co.

I am looking forward to seeing the other designs as they are revealed all month long!


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