Winding Up Some Yarn

Something I started to feel last year was overwhelmed! I love yarn and have a hard time saying no to just about any of it! And thus my stash has grown exponentially in the past few years. During the pandemic, I found myself buying yarn to help small businesses stay in business as every bit counts. I also absolutely love indie-dyed yarn thus have collected a bunch. I am a big fan of turning 1 skein of gorgeous yarn into something beautiful. Anyway, this year to feel less overwhelmed I am winding yarn, planning projects to work on along with some secret project designs!

These are just some the skeins I wound up one day! Yarn from Mitchell’s Creations, Hearts on Fiber, Sister Ananse, LeFrancis Handmade, and Hanging on a String!

First up this gorgeous skein from Mitchell’s Creations, I really love this color way it makes me think of spring. It reminds me of spring flowers like Crocus and Irises.

I thought this yarn would look great in my Electra Cowl pattern. It is a quick to stitch lacy wave pattern. After you complete the foundation row, the pattern continues in rounds.

It is my take along project for when my daughter is practicing driving and then waiting while she has a cello lesson.

Once this pattern gets started though it works up so quick. Within 17 rounds of shells, single crochets, and chain spaces, this pattern is complete and ready for blocking!


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