Tapestry Crochet

When I think of tapestry crochet, the name Carol Ventura comes to mind! She is the GOAT of tapestry crochet. She was first introduced to the technique in 1976 while in Guatemala. Back in the 90’s, I borrowed her book, Tapestry Crochet from the library. I love how she included instructions for left and right handed and that she included design pages for both as well! Carol has published two other books on this technique, More Tapestry Crochet available as a digital through Amazon and Beaded And Felted Tapestry Crochet also available on her website!

What makes Tapestry different from other color work techniques is that you will carry one or more yarns as you crochet.

Rose Window Top by Natasha Robarge Pattern & Yarn available at crochet.com

The Rose Window Top pattern is a tapestry crochet pattern using double crochet in Luminance lace weight yarn. I worked on this project on a recent trip to Ohio! I am finally getting to use the chart keeper I got from Crochet.com! It is still work in progress. As I am Left-handed, I had to adjust the chart, if I wanted to make it the same!

Another Tapestry project I have started is the Birds of a Feather tote/purse by Cherie Mellick! For this project I am stash busting some Cotlin and Darn Good Yarn silk. This pattern was part of the CGOA June Quarterly CAL. This is a fun tapestry pattern using sport weight yarn and back loop only single crochet. Also reversing the chart on this one too!

Birds of a Feather by Cherie Mellick

Doing these projects gives me inspiration to maybe someday create my own design! I will definitely include charts for both hands, like Carol Ventura! Various color work techniques are very popular! Recently Brenda K. B. Anderson published Hooktionary available at crochet.com. It is on my list to buy or maybe I can borrow it from my local library!

It’s fun exploring all the different techniques of crochet! Follow me on Instagram to see my progress on on these two projects!


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