Rebel Cowl

Today is a great day for celebration! As I watch the inauguration of President Joe Biden, I am adding a new pattern to my Etsy shop, Ravelry page, and LoveCrafts. It has been a process, pausing to watch and listen as I click away. So introducing the Rebel Cowl, it is a Tunisian Crochet pattern. It is a perfect pattern for that one skein of DK yarn.

This 15.5″ diameter sample is worked up with Blackcat Fibers Essential DK in Shrinks and Trains.

It is created with a mix of lace and rows of purl. This cowl is worked in one piece then seamed. Choose your diameter, 15.5″ or 22.5″ and stitch up this quick and fun to make cowl.  

This 22.5″ diameter sample is worked up with Blackcat Fibers Essential DK in Chrysolina.

The next pictures are from the fabulous testers of the pattern! Thank you to all my testers making this design awesome!!

Rebel Cowl made by Marialaina
Rebel Cowl made by Morolape (
Rebel Cowl made by Anne


Happy Hat Day!

Today is National Hat Day! To celebrate I am offering 50% off my hat patterns!

These three hat patterns from left to right Wanda Hat, CrissCross Cap and Boise Beanie are all 50% off now through Monday! So if you are looking for a quick project for the weekend! Shop Now! Available on Etsy and Ravelry! Make one for yourself, make one for a friend or charity. Start making hats for the Hat Not Hate campaign now!

Happy Hat Day!!


2020 Year in Review

Looking back over this year that seems to have lasted an eternity in blursdays and months that appeared then disappeared in a quasi-oblivion. It started off all peachy keen and then mid-January my co-worker said, “It’s coming” and I was like “what?” COVID-19! Then a few weeks, month or so later everything shut down except a certain twitter account. Today, I am focused on looking back and finishing my 100th book of the year, We Are Never Meeting in Real Life, by Samantha Irby. In a year with so much heartache, it seems fitting to have some laughs within tears, feeling ever optimistic to the new year!

In looking back which not something I have ever done before but it seems to be a thing and why not?! Anyway, this year I had 29 published patterns. 12 patterns in various magazines such as Interweave Crochet, Crochet World, Simply Crochet and WeCrochet!

Spring Rain Shawl, Interweave Crochet, Spring 2020

The other 17 patterns are self-published by yours truly! All of these patterns are available for purchase and hearts on my Ravelry page, LoveCrafts and Etsy shop!

Devica Cowl

The Devica Cowl is the highlight of this year! Being part of the Dope Women Creating collaboration with these fantastic fabulous makers; Channy, Nadine, Yasmen, Nellie, Rachel, Gina, Tammi, Shala, and Kirstan. We are all so dope! I have learned so much this year and opened up my world for the better! And I am ready to continue creating more dope shit in 2021!

Wishing you all the best in 2021!



Zen Mandala

If you subscribe to Simply Crochet in Issue 105 you will find my latest design, the Zen Mandala! It is a meditative pattern with clusters, mesh lace and a bit of surface crochet! This design is also quick to make for it to make the issue I had to get is done and sent off asap! So, I received the yarn for this design on a Thursday afternoon and started on it right away. By Friday, I was more than half way finished.

Zen Mandala

By Saturday it was on my blocking boards and shipped out to the magazine Tuesday as Monday was a holiday here.

Zen Mandala

My favorite part is the center, I love how mesmerizing the rounds of mesh lace appear like a flower petals unfolding. The yarn is Rico Ricorumi DK in Powder, Peach and Blush. This yarn is a dream to work with it is so soft and beautiful!

Zen Mandala
Zen Mandala

Not a subscriber? Find out how here. The best part, being a featured contributor with Eleonora Tully (Coastal Crochet), Kat Perdue (KaperCrochet) and the legendary Margaret Hubert!

Zen Mandala


Berta T-Sweater

The Berta T-sweater is  a light weight, easy wear top. The sleeves are worked along with the body.  This inclusively sized top, has a 2-inch ease. It is worked in two easy pieces from the bottom up. It is then seamed at the sides and shoulders. It is the perfect top for any season and for any reason. It all starts with an idea or the yarn. First, I bought 3 skeins of Blackcat Fibers in their Labradorite color way. Once I had one of the skeins wound I stitched up my swatch, washed and blocked it. Then sat down to sketch out the design and worked up the math. Then once I formulated my plan for the design, I wound up the other 2 skeins. And each one was visually the same but different.

So I started my sweater with the darkest one and shifted the colors to the lightest at the top. I really like the effect it created.

Then for my next Berta T-Sweater sample, I had 3 skeins of Fairy Tale Yarns in Pegagus. The 3 colors bein; We’re All Mad Here, Dancing Mushroom Fairy and Down the Rabbit Hole. On this version, I alternated each color per row and it created a beautiful striping effect.

And then one more Berta T-Sweater sample with OMG Yarns Balls in Edelweiss fingering in Maleficent. I again alternated rows with each ball. And it created this zigzag art effect.

Thank you so much for your love and support!

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Dope Women Creating!


Do you follow @channypeascorner on Instagram? Yes, you Rock! No? Well you should. One day Channy posted this quote, “Never Stop Creating New Stuff” and some of us responded. And she created the Dope Women Creating Collaboration. We are DOPE makers! We are offer enamel pins, patterns, yarn, stickers, stitch markers, project bags, earrings and so much more!! So get ready it all begins on Small Business Saturday, on Instagram with @channypeascorner

Now to introduce my contribution to Dope Women Creating… the Devica Cowl!

Devica Cowl

Thank you WeCrochet for supporting Dope Women Creating! The Devica Cowl Pattern uses Knit Picks, Paragon. It is a sport weight yarn, a blend of merino wool, baby alpaca and mulberry silk. It is a gorgeous, lovely yarn and so so soft! This pattern includes a funky cluster stitch, color work stripes, it is worked in one piece and joined together with a decorative seam. Included are helpful pictures in both right and left handed on how to work the cluster stitch.

Be sure to visit Dope Women Creating! Follow @channypeascorner for fun stuff this Saturday! Giveaways!

Enjoy! Remember Support Small Business!!

Operation Snowflake

Each year to give as gifts to family and friends, I make snowflakes. I give one to each of my co-workers, which works well for remembering how many years I have worked at the library. They are a token of my love and appreciation. Generally I make about 50-60 or more. Quick 2-3 round snowflakes work best for making so many.

Starting in 2018, I designed my first snowflake, Oriel. It works up quick in 2 rounds using double crochet, single crochet, clusters, slip stitches and chains.

Oriel Snowflake

Then last year, I had a picture in mind for a snowflake of clusters, and I drew out a sketch and created the Nova Snowflake. This snowflake is worked up in 2 rounds, using clusters, chains, double crochet, and picots.

Nova Snowflake

So then for this year, I drew out some sketches again. A picture came to mind and I set to work. Now to present this years snowflake, Vara. It works up in 3 quick rounds using single crochet, treble clusters, slip stitches, and chains.

Vara Snowflake

To finish all the snowflakes, I mix 1 part glue (Elmer’s) to 2 parts water, then brush each side using a craft paintbrush. Finally pinning them to shape! Each of these patterns is free on Ravelry. Feel free to try them all! Though I make them in thread, they could easily be made in any weight yarn! As you download the patterns, please favorite them too! If have any questions, contact me here or on any social media!


The Inside Story of Elecktra Cowl

A day in the life of this yarn junkie. The story behind my Elecktra Cowl Pattern

Elecktra Cowl

Most days I am crocheting and listening to a book. I get ready for work then sit down with my crochet and an audio book, crocheting until I have to leave.  Most days I pay attention to the time but this one day in particular I did not.  When I finally looked at the time realizing I would be late for work, I hustled into my car opening the garage door as I started my car. I proceed to back out of the garage without paying attention to the rate of speed of the garage door opening. All of a sudden, I heard a kind of snap! I stop and realize I just lost the antenna from the back of the car, it is now stuck in the garage door.  All of a sudden, I have no radio station. As I am speeding to work, I scan for any possible radio station, and voila the only station is classic greatest hits, 103.9 BBO.  Some old songs make me giggle. Do you some old songs make you giggle too? 

The devastation of losing the antenna is most felt as we are passing by Point Pleasant (Hello Wisconsin) on our way to Chicago and the moment we could or used to be able to switch the radio to Chicago’s 93.1 XRT. This is the moment I feel most guilty for being a yarn junkie. 

Anyway, around Thanksgiving, the Fibre shop (my lys) had a trunk show with Blackcat Fibers. They create some fabulous colorways. I successfully limited myself to 3 skeins, I chose the color ways; Lucy Fur, Chryosilna, and Electric Ave. When I see or hear the words Electric avenue, I start hearing Rick James sing in my head, “We gonna rock you to electric avenue, and then will take you higher…” So, as I made my purchase all the while the song playing in my head. I picked out a stitch pattern from Vogue Knitting Stitchionary, Volume: 4 to use for this fabulous color way. I typed up the pattern, too my standard amateur pictures, sent it off for tech editing (Fiat Fibers). Lastly, I added a hand drawn stitch chart, and it is now available for purchase on Ravelry and my Etsy shop

Epilogue: Since I originally wrote this story, we inherited a newer car, my Dad now has this car and he doesn’t listen to the radio.  

Elecktra Cowl


Aurelia Shawlette

This beautiful shawl is done! So my first project of the BIPOC MAL is complete and I really love the mesh lace! It is the Aurelia Shawlette by Brittany Garber.

I took these pictures real quickly one morning last week before having to go to work. The yarn is Mitchell Creations in DK wt. color is Lake Pontchartrain.

I love this detail the solid sections and the mesh lace. And this color is so dreamy! You can find the Aurelia Shawlette by Brittany Garber here.


Work in progress Wednesday

So this is one of my multiple works in progress. I started my first project for the BIPOC MAL. I am working up Aurelia Shawlette by Brittany Garber. And at first I picked out some fingering weight because I will pick out yarn, wind it and then read the pattern. So since this pattern calls for DK weight, I wound up some gorgeous DK from at Mitchell’s Creations. This particular color way is Lake Pontchartrain.

I am really having fun with this pattern and now at the half way point.

And what am I doing with that fingering wt. yarn? I started a new design…

this on is with The Crochet Cove, Spectacular Speckles in Noelle. And the yarn pin is from Channypeascorner, I am a member of the Queen of Yarn club.