Something other than crochet

Just recently on a rainy day I sat down with my daughter and my two kid clients and we watched the Wizard of Oz.  I could not help but sing along with Judy Garland as she sang, Somewhere over the Rainbow.  When they showed Dorothy first wearing the ruby slippers my daughter turned to me and said “sparkly shoes mama.”  She is only 2 but she did enjoy her first viewing of this 70 year old movie.  I can’t believe this movie is 70 years old.   It is such remarkable movie, be sure to watch it sometime soon.  

Flowers and more Flowers

I believe I am getting spring fever, I have seen a few flowering almond buds in the park, as well as other tree buds.  I may have a flower addiction due to the endless possibilities.

I have been making flowers for my clips, ponytail holders, and necklaces and earrings.  I made this necklace after a contact told me about Sophie Digard, she makes some amazing necklaces and wraps.  A friend also told me about some crochet necklaces for kids she saw at the mall.   So keep checking  my Etsy store for new items.   

Colors, Colors and Colors

                                                                   I use Size 10 thread to make most of my items on 

I have created a color swatch to show the colors available to make barrettes, hair clips, flowers, earrings and certain groovy girl outfits.    I started making these clips last summer and you just can’t have enough barrettes or other accessories.  So if you see a color you like and I don’t have them available in my store, custom orders are welcome.