Glenwood Park Farmers Market

In our neighborhood we have a new Farmer’s Market,  and for the rest of the year, I hope to be a vendor every other weekend.  The last market was the Saturday before Easter, and it was a cold, and cloudy day, but I did make a few sales.  
This is how I set up my tables, so everything can be seen.  It is a great way to get new ideas, I am making some larger flowers, and started making some other barrettes, they should be on my store soon.  I also received a few custom orders which I delivered once they were finished.  
For now when it is not raining we will be outside, until it is too hot and buggy then we will move indoors again.  I have to remember my sunscreen, even though it was cloudy I still managed to get a little pink.  Now time  to create more inventory!

Rain, Sunshine and Flowers

Recently in Atlanta, we have had much rain, and our drought is diminishing, some have said it is ended, but it is only April and we are sure to have a super hot, super humid long summer.  Anyway, we live in a condo across from Grant Park, after it rains and everything is wet and it is still cloudy, the atmosphere for taking pictures is superb.  I took these pictures while wearing my rain boots and walking my dog.  Enjoy!

Ladybugs and Bunnies

Thank you for the pleasant responses to my butterflies.  So I thought to myself why not make ladybugs.  I made one and it was a start as one can see then, I figured out my ladybugs.  The body of the ladybug is quite quick but the eyes and the spots take much more time but still fun to make.

Also over the weekend I was reading The Woolly Fairyglade (, and saw the bunny tutorial from Bairbre Aine(, and proceeded to make some bunnies.  Please make sure to to check out Bairbre’s blog and her tutorial, she adds beads for eye and a pompom for the tail.  These bunnies are super quick and fun.  I think they are fine as I have made them but I am open to constructive criticism.   Both the ladybugs and bunnies have loops on the back so they can be added to my clips, headband or with a bobbypin.  I also think they would be a cute lapel pin.  I am working on small birds but they are a work in progress. 

By the way does anyone know of a blog tutorial, I just spent 2o minutes trying to move pictures around, help?

Flowers to Butterflies

Happy Spring!  I have patterns for butterflies, but I wanted to create my own pattern.  I feel so inspired by all the other amazing crochet I see on Etsy.  So I created butterflies with the same versatility as my flower pair motifs.  They have a loop on the back so they can slide on my hair clips, bobby pins, necklace, headbands, and as a pin with a safety pin.  So I am slowly taking a break from flowers to mix in some butterflies.  Next will be ladybugs at my daughters request.  

Yarn Stash

March is National Crochet Month to celebrate I thought I would share pictures of my yarn stash.  From floor to ceiling, I have file crates filled, some stuffed with yarn. So much yarn in fact, I am sure I should never buy yarn again.  Sometimes though, you find yourself in a yarn shop in the bargain section and all the bargain yarn is half off, the lowest price, who wouldn’t walk out with a large bag or two.  Then thinking you have one skein of  Lustersheen at home and you bought some $1.00 Lustersheen, why not go back get a regular priced skein so you can make the striped vest on the cover of  a Crochet Today issue.

When will I make this vest, someday?  Show me your stash!

Something other than crochet

Just recently on a rainy day I sat down with my daughter and my two kid clients and we watched the Wizard of Oz.  I could not help but sing along with Judy Garland as she sang, Somewhere over the Rainbow.  When they showed Dorothy first wearing the ruby slippers my daughter turned to me and said “sparkly shoes mama.”  She is only 2 but she did enjoy her first viewing of this 70 year old movie.  I can’t believe this movie is 70 years old.   It is such remarkable movie, be sure to watch it sometime soon.  

Flowers and more Flowers

I believe I am getting spring fever, I have seen a few flowering almond buds in the park, as well as other tree buds.  I may have a flower addiction due to the endless possibilities.

I have been making flowers for my clips, ponytail holders, and necklaces and earrings.  I made this necklace after a contact told me about Sophie Digard, she makes some amazing necklaces and wraps.  A friend also told me about some crochet necklaces for kids she saw at the mall.   So keep checking  my Etsy store for new items.   

Colors, Colors and Colors

                                                                   I use Size 10 thread to make most of my items on 

I have created a color swatch to show the colors available to make barrettes, hair clips, flowers, earrings and certain groovy girl outfits.    I started making these clips last summer and you just can’t have enough barrettes or other accessories.  So if you see a color you like and I don’t have them available in my store, custom orders are welcome.