Have you ever…

browsed the Crochet Books at your local library! Occasionally I will search my library catalog to see the available Crochet books. This is one of the latest new to me books… I have always loved going to the library. Growing up in a small town, we would ride our bikes to the library all theContinue reading “Have you ever…”

Yarn Studio

After painting my yarn room, I started moving in… the first thing was a bookcase, unpacking books and doodads. Then the $5.00 file case bought at half price (St. Vinnie’s)… the file case is filled with leaflet books, magazines, and books.  The new chair ($5.00 for half price). The desk also from St. Vinnie’s costContinue reading “Yarn Studio”

Happy Friday Tips & Tricks

Sometimes when I am looking for a particular book, I could spend more than a few minutes looking and looking.  How does one organize their crochet library by author, by type of crochet?  Here is how I organized my library last night…..  First, I grouped the publishing company together. In my case I buy aContinue reading “Happy Friday Tips & Tricks”

Spreadsheets and Continuing Education

For my last class, I had the pleasure of meeting Edie Eckman,  she is the auther of several knitting and crochet books… Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs, and my latest favorite book, One Skein Wonders Crochet.     The name of this class was Spreadsheet Savvy.  She taught us how to put excel formulas toContinue reading “Spreadsheets and Continuing Education”