New Hooks and a Camel

For Christmas this year, my mom gave me these hooks (from Stitchdragon) and some money for crochet books…. these are all the latest hooks I have been collecting in Bamboo.  I enjoy the 9″ tunisian hooks for smaller projects such as Tawashis, coasters and spa cloths.  My Brother recently discovered WEBS, buying some needles forContinue reading “New Hooks and a Camel”

Time for Chocolate

Switching gears… time to make some chocolate bark.  As soon as I saw this delightful picture in the Nov./Dec. issue of Midwest Living, I thought how fun to make your own tasty chocolates.   After reading the tips about tempering the chocolate, it seems to be something that needs total concentration.  So I will setContinue reading “Time for Chocolate”