Fuchsia Crochet Cuff

I am pleased to announce a new pattern for sale, Fuchsia Cuff. photo credit to Interweave/George Boe It is a perfect spring accessory!   photo credit to Interweave/George Boe It combines beads into a filet lace design.  photo credit to Interweave/George Boe  It is an easy and quick pattern.   You can find the Fuchsia Cuff available onContinue reading “Fuchsia Crochet Cuff”

TBT-Ponchos, Toppers and Trims

Back in 2000, designer Jenny King, wrote and self published this little book….  as well as several others.  In the back of the book is a listing of her other books and she writes, daring to do what no-one has done before. Now still daring to do,  she has developed the Get Squared program.  InContinue reading “TBT-Ponchos, Toppers and Trims”

New Pinterest Boards

This morning I created two new pinterest boards.  One is Kitchen designs.  There are so many clever ideas for Kitchens…https://www.pinterest.com/gwengoods/kitchen-design/               Follow gwengoods’s board Kitchen Design on Pinterest.     and the other is Yarn Room…               Follow gwengoods’s board Yarn Room on Pinterest.  Continue reading “New Pinterest Boards”

Seed Stitch Headbands

I had this idea of making a headband with the seed stitch or moss stitch.  Some books even call it woven stitch.  So last night I worked up these…. First,  I made the skinny one and then worked up two more varying widths.  Today, I will write up the patterns.  Tomorrow I will show youContinue reading “Seed Stitch Headbands”

Spreadsheets and Continuing Education

For my last class, I had the pleasure of meeting Edie Eckman,  she is the auther of several knitting and crochet books… Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs, and my latest favorite book, One Skein Wonders Crochet.     The name of this class was Spreadsheet Savvy.  She taught us how to put excel formulas toContinue reading “Spreadsheets and Continuing Education”