Green Pastures

Hoping to show you a finished doily but I am still working on this doily, titled Green Pastures… It is a fun and challenging pattern.  It is not a complicated pattern but is has  specific points to match like this row…  Round 25 is the round that catches any mistakes.   More than three times,Continue reading “Green Pastures”

Happy Friday -tips & tricks

Sometimes in order to decipher a vintage pattern, you may need to get creative.  Things to try might be to take notes, study the picture and trace it out.  That is what I had to do to make this butterfly… When making a butterfly like this there are so many numbers to keep track of.Continue reading “Happy Friday -tips & tricks”

WIP Wednesday -Hairpin Doily

In an effort to gain more skill in Hairpin lace, I went to Ravelry’s pattern library.  Searching for Hairpin patterns, I picked some freebies to try out.  This is one of the patterns I tried…. A trio of Snowflake patterns, from Tuula Maaria.  A quick item to practice making hairpin circles. Now, I am workingContinue reading “WIP Wednesday -Hairpin Doily”

Wednesday -WIP

Finally finished all my flower strips….. now I only have 16 more rows to go… Remember the soaking crochet?  here are all of those leaves and flowers… blocked and laying flat. These are part of a study from this book… I have been working through this book, last weekend I worked up the inserts likeContinue reading “Wednesday -WIP”