Starting the year finishing a project I started back in 2018. I spent some time scrolling back in time on Instagram and found this picture of when I bought a new color of Aunt Lydia’s Classic Crochet Cotton, Black Light. I thought it would be fun to mix natural and this multicolor together. Then aContinue reading

Purple Lace Pull-over

Finally, I took some pictures today of the Modern Irish Freeform Crochet pullover I made through Myra Wood’s Craftsy class.  I really enjoy how it turned out… Front View…  a close-up of the front and… the back. As our weather should be shedding its winter coat and turning to spring, I will wear it soon.Continue reading “Purple Lace Pull-over”

Modern Irish Crochet

As you may remember I am slowly making my way through this book… by Kathryn White, one of my resources for studying of Irish Crochet.   During Thanksgiving weekend, I made the sampler she includes in the book… Pretty good,  but I still need to block it.   Recently, Myra Wood added a new CraftsyContinue reading “Modern Irish Crochet”

Button Flower Brooches

You may have seen the Crochet Button Flowers, they are on Pinterest and Google all over.   A while back a customer sent me a picture and wondering if I could make some.  So I put some buttons in one of my notion keepers for just the right time.  Everyday if I have a secondContinue reading “Button Flower Brooches”