Hairpin -Tips and Tricks

 If you google Hairpin lace, you will find all sorts of resources, Youtube, images, and tutorials.  Annie’s offers a class, Learn to Crochet lace, Hairpin, Broomstick & Bruges with Ellen Gormley.   This is how I learned hairpin lace and I appreciate how Ellen demonstrates both right and left handed versions. I am discovering, you canContinue reading “Hairpin -Tips and Tricks”

Hair Clips and Hairpin Lace

Yesterday I got a message from  one of my favorite customers.  She asked me if I could make her some clips and of course I said, “Sure!”  So last night I made these for her… and listed tbem in my shop this morning, how is that for quick turn around. Now over the weekend, IContinue reading “Hair Clips and Hairpin Lace”