Weekend WIP

Continuing with more stash busting, and working up my yarn cakes first.  I am starting with this yarn cake… And the perfect pattern, Kristin Omdahl’s,  Sweet Clara top. I was looking for a different pattern but then I found my print out of this pattern and the match was made.   For my birthday I bought myselfContinue reading “Weekend WIP”

Creative Lace and Destashing

This book, Colorful Crochet Lace, by Mary Jane Hall is simply fabulous!…  It is a wonderful collection of innovative crochet designs.   With so many inspiring designs,  I am enjoying this book immensely,   as it is giving me a opportunity to destash some of my various stashed yarns.   So far I have madeContinue reading “Creative Lace and Destashing”

Purple Lace Pull-over

Finally, I took some pictures today of the Modern Irish Freeform Crochet pullover I made through Myra Wood’s Craftsy class.  I really enjoy how it turned out… Front View…  a close-up of the front and… the back. As our weather should be shedding its winter coat and turning to spring, I will wear it soon.Continue reading “Purple Lace Pull-over”

Modern Irish Crochet

As you may remember I am slowly making my way through this book… by Kathryn White, one of my resources for studying of Irish Crochet.   During Thanksgiving weekend, I made the sampler she includes in the book… Pretty good,  but I still need to block it.   Recently, Myra Wood added a new CraftsyContinue reading “Modern Irish Crochet”

WIP Wednesday -Hairpin Doily

In an effort to gain more skill in Hairpin lace, I went to Ravelry’s pattern library.  Searching for Hairpin patterns, I picked some freebies to try out.  This is one of the patterns I tried…. A trio of Snowflake patterns, from Tuula Maaria.  A quick item to practice making hairpin circles. Now, I am workingContinue reading “WIP Wednesday -Hairpin Doily”

WIP -Wednesday Jewelry

Within Ravelry there are groups and one group I am part of is Crochet Jewelry.  Each month there is a CAL (crochet along) so on Monday I worked up January…. It is the Heirloom Lace Bracelet from Andrea H and you can find the pattern here.  I started this pattern using foundation stitches.  After you makeContinue reading “WIP -Wednesday Jewelry”