Happy Friday -Tips & Tricks

The Chainless Double Crochet (CSDC) is changing the way I crochet.  First learning this stitch from Tamara at Moogly while working up her Moroccan Tote Bag.  Now I incorporate this stitch every chance I can.  Remember the hat I showed you on Monday…  Using the chainless stitches can create a more seamless look like this….Continue reading “Happy Friday -Tips & Tricks”

FO -Vintage Set

Over the Christmas Holiday, I started working on my Vintage set.  This pattern is from Women’s Circle Crochet, Winter 1981.  In the Materials section, it states you need Knitting Worsted including the number of ounces per size, and crochet hook size I or 9, yarn needle and buttons.  For my size needing 14 ounces ofContinue reading “FO -Vintage Set”

His and Her Cowls

As promised, I wrote up the patterns last night, took pictures this morning and here we are…. Her Cowl is made  with 2 skeins of LionBrand Wool Ease Thick and Quick, Metallic, Constellation, It is a quick and easy Tunisian pattern that works up in a few hours. His Cowl is made with 1 skeinContinue reading “His and Her Cowls”