Zen Mandala

If you subscribe to Simply Crochet in Issue 105 you will find my latest design, the Zen Mandala! It is a meditative pattern with clusters, mesh lace and a bit of surface crochet! This design is also quick to make for it to make the issue I had to get is done and sent offContinue reading “Zen Mandala”

Foray into Overlay

Over the weekend I picked up this book from the library, Master Class Crochet by Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss.  It is filled with all the Masters of Crochet names we all know such as Margaret Hubert, Prudence Mapstone, Carol Ventura and so many more.  We all know fashion crochet,       free-form, hairpin lace, woven, clonesContinue reading “Foray into Overlay”

Left or Right Handed -Paisley Tutorial

When you are crocheting your hands work together in a delightful dance of creating stitches.  One hand holds the yarn and the tension.  The other hand holds the hook.  Whether you are right or left-handed each makes the same stitches, motifs, and designs. Subtle differences separate left or right handed work such as the directionContinue reading “Left or Right Handed -Paisley Tutorial”