Happy Friday -Tips & Tricks

The Chainless Double Crochet (CSDC) is changing the way I crochet.  First learning this stitch from Tamara at Moogly while working up her Moroccan Tote Bag.  Now I incorporate this stitch every chance I can.  Remember the hat I showed you on Monday…  Using the chainless stitches can create a more seamless look like this….Continue reading “Happy Friday -Tips & Tricks”

Moroccan Tote and Left Hand CSDC Tutorial

The  Moroccan Market tote from the Crochet Kim CAL facebook group is finished.  I love this pattern it is straight forward, fun with all the color changes and easy to do.  Since the yarn is half wool, I wonder how it would look felted?  The pattern is from Mooglyhttp://www.mooglyblog.com and Tamara has video tutorials forContinue reading “Moroccan Tote and Left Hand CSDC Tutorial”