Floral Garden Dress behind the scenes

For the CGOA design competition at Chainlink in Manchester, NH, I created my first dress.  The idea to crochet a dress had been living in the creative space of my brain since I left Chainlink 2018 in Portland, OR. I had a vision and a goal.  The method was Modern Irish Freeform. It all startedContinue reading “Floral Garden Dress behind the scenes”

Search and Find Motifs

Orla has a plentitude of crochet embellishments and clips, like this one…. I made it years ago, thinking (ooh that is so neat, I should make more),  and then thinking what pattern is it? So, then I start looking through books trying to find it, and looking through this book… I was sidetracked by the IrishContinue reading “Search and Find Motifs”

Ready for the layout…

All my bits and pieces are finished.   With a pair of Kevin’s jeans… I am ready to pin my pieces and layout out the flowers, leaves and filler motifs.  These are the only safety pins I can find.  I have not woven in all my ends yet I am going to use them toContinue reading “Ready for the layout…”

Bluebird of Happiness

Remember these…. African Flower Motifs….   this summer I started working on Heidi Bears, Bluebird of Happiness…  In an effort to check one UFO (unfinished object) of the list.  I sewed all my motifs together, while incorporating some of the techniques I learned in Linda Permann’s, Craftsy class, Prefessional Finishing for Perfect Crochet…. Linda has some very handyContinue reading “Bluebird of Happiness”

Mandala Monday #1

Everywhere on the internet, I keep seeing Mandalas.   They are so colorful and  a delight to see. They make me smile.  So I thought I would share a new Mandala each Monday to start the week of right and with pleasant thoughts and a smile…. This is Circle motif #60 from Beyond the SquareContinue reading “Mandala Monday #1”

Happy Friday! -WIP Bluebird

We have all seen the beautifully fun items Heidi Bears has created  like her hippo… Recently she was a guest on the Yarn Thing Podcast, I really enjoyed hearing her story. After looking at all her patterns.  I  bought her Bluebird of Happiness. Heidi has a free duck modification to this pattern too.  I amContinue reading “Happy Friday! -WIP Bluebird”