TBT-Ponchos, Toppers and Trims

Back in 2000, designer Jenny King, wrote and self published this little book….  as well as several others.  In the back of the book is a listing of her other books and she writes, daring to do what no-one has done before. Now still daring to do,  she has developed the Get Squared program.  InContinue reading “TBT-Ponchos, Toppers and Trims”

New Pinterest Boards

This morning I created two new pinterest boards.  One is Kitchen designs.  There are so many clever ideas for Kitchens…https://www.pinterest.com/gwengoods/kitchen-design/               Follow gwengoods’s board Kitchen Design on Pinterest.     and the other is Yarn Room…               Follow gwengoods’s board Yarn Room on Pinterest.  Continue reading “New Pinterest Boards”

Button Flower Brooches

You may have seen the Crochet Button Flowers, they are on Pinterest and Google all over.   A while back a customer sent me a picture and wondering if I could make some.  So I put some buttons in one of my notion keepers for just the right time.  Everyday if I have a secondContinue reading “Button Flower Brooches”