Westfield Shawl

Colorful Crochet is a fantastic special issue of Crochet World…  So many beautiful beautiful projects and pattern are included in the issue.    One of the patterns is the Westfield Shawl. I was asked to post some pictures of it spread out.   It is a pattern that starts at a point, creates an angle, and thenContinue reading “Westfield Shawl”

Finished Object Friday

Introducing this lovely finished object… It is a Tunisian design by Christina Adorjan, titled Schmetterwurm.  It is a free pattern on ravelry. In my stable of stash I had the right amount of yarn.  I used two colors of Premier Yarns, Cotton Fair a lovely cotton acrylic blend and an F cable hook.   Being left-handedContinue reading “Finished Object Friday”

Thread Tunisian Shawl

Sometimes it is good to have more than one project in progress.  I always have more than one work in progress and this is one of them…. This is the Hobby Lobby version of the Bernat Acrylic thread in color Lily Pond.   I am a center pull person, so I squash the cardboard cone…. Continue reading “Thread Tunisian Shawl”