Zephyr 2021 Snowflake

Happy Holidays!! Today I share my 2021 Snowflake with you! Every year, I make snowflakes to giveaway to friends, family and my co-workers.  These little snowflakes make great little ornaments for a Christmas tree or to decorate a snowy window. This snowflake works up quick in 3 rounds.  Finished Size  2.75” diameter Materials                                                       Aunt Lydia’s Classic CrochetContinue reading “Zephyr 2021 Snowflake”

Field Trip Friday

Today is Orla’s first day of spring break, 2017.  We got in the car…. and off we went to the Kintting Room in Fond du Lac.  It is an easy 35 minutes from our house.  It is a wonderful shop.  It is very inviting with tables to sit and try out yarns and browse patterns.Continue reading “Field Trip Friday”

FreeForm Crochet Wisconsin

This year I participated in the International FreeForm Fiberart Guild challenge… The challenge this year was Flora and Fauna -native to your region…  The idea of paying homage to my home state became my challenge… as well as be in a group of so many other talented artists! I am looking forward to next yearsContinue reading “FreeForm Crochet Wisconsin”

Works in progress…

This is my vintage leopard pouch…. I bought it years ago in at a vintage shop in Wausau, WI.  I love it, the thing about pouches and purses is that they tend to outlast all other wardrobe items. I bought a vintage red leather jacket with twist and lock closures, that I have long sinceContinue reading “Works in progress…”

WIP -Wednesday, Shop Updates & New Crochet

Yesterday,  reading through some emails, I came across a link to the Brilliant Business Moms.  After listening to one of their podcasts, I starting working on my shop, utilitizing some tips they shared. Today is Day 2 of… reworking titles, tags, and descriptions one shop section at a time.    Then last night at aContinue reading “WIP -Wednesday, Shop Updates & New Crochet”

Weekend Crochet- Tubular

Gearing up for a weekend of Crochet, and thinking about trying this… tube Crochet with my own little twist.   I am inspired by designer, Claudette Squazzini, she writes, alternate colors creatively as the mood strikes you, changing colors in the middle of a round or at the end.   That sounds like so much fun!Continue reading “Weekend Crochet- Tubular”

WIP Wednesday -Hairpin Doily

In an effort to gain more skill in Hairpin lace, I went to Ravelry’s pattern library.  Searching for Hairpin patterns, I picked some freebies to try out.  This is one of the patterns I tried…. A trio of Snowflake patterns, from Tuula Maaria.  A quick item to practice making hairpin circles. Now, I am workingContinue reading “WIP Wednesday -Hairpin Doily”