Garden Party Centerpiece

When we arrived home today, a package was waiting for us.  In the package were these wonderful beauties….. Featured in an upcoming special issue of Crochet World, titled Blue Ribbon Crochet is my design titled Garden Party Centerpiece.  Along with three other of my designs.  As I page through this magazine, I feel very fortunateContinue reading “Garden Party Centerpiece”

WIP -Wednesday

A while back I signed up for the Fiesta Yarns enewsletter.  Each week I receive a free pattern offer on Thursdays and sale updates.  During their birthday bash sale (free shipping and 40% off) this caught my eye… Rayon Boucle, 100% Rayon, 240 yds. part of the Meditation Series, in Energry.  Each yarn is kettleContinue reading “WIP -Wednesday”

Mandala #2 – Part 2

Mandala #2 Part 2 Using standing stitches can create a more polished look to your crochet.  Any stitch can be made with as a standing stitch even clusters and puffs.  It can eliminate the need to start your rounds and rows with chains.  The best resource for using standing stitches is Edie Eckman’s book, BeyondContinue reading “Mandala #2 – Part 2”

Mandala Monday #2 -Part One

Recently, I crocheted this square…. as I was working it up, thinking the center would be a perfect start to a Mandala.  So last night I worked up my idea.  Using a different color for each round,  I created this lovely Mandala…. Now let me show you how to do it too, meet the charactersContinue reading “Mandala Monday #2 -Part One”

Happy Friday – Tips & Tricks

Methods of organization can take many forms.  When I started making my hair clips in 2007, I made this for all the thread colors in my collection…. a nice reasonable set of colors expanded more and more and continues to grow. Currently this is my thread collection…. and it still continues to grow.  I loveContinue reading “Happy Friday – Tips & Tricks”

Angels, bits and pieces

This morning, before going to work, I crocheted this little angel…. It is Angel 16 from the Big Book of Thread Ornaments from Leisure Arts.  I enjoy making these angels.  They are made in one piece, they work up quick and seem easy… Angel 27  I am also working on some of the other AngelsContinue reading “Angels, bits and pieces”

Mandala Monday #1

Everywhere on the internet, I keep seeing Mandalas.   They are so colorful and  a delight to see. They make me smile.  So I thought I would share a new Mandala each Monday to start the week of right and with pleasant thoughts and a smile…. This is Circle motif #60 from Beyond the SquareContinue reading “Mandala Monday #1”

Lace Crochet Bowl #1

One night as I was crocheting with some Size 12 thread which is much thinner in comparison to Size 10 thread.  I was working on a lacy circle,  following a chart more so then the pattern.  For some reason it was curling, essentially, telling me to make it a bowl.   I stiffen snowflakes andContinue reading “Lace Crochet Bowl #1”