TBT-Ponchos, Toppers and Trims

Back in 2000, designer Jenny King, wrote and self published this little book….  as well as several others.  In the back of the book is a listing of her other books and she writes, daring to do what no-one has done before. Now still daring to do,  she has developed the Get Squared program.  InContinue reading “TBT-Ponchos, Toppers and Trims”

TBT -Crochet World

Yesterday I spent some time organizing my Crochet mags and came across this blast from the past… vintage October 1984 issue of Crochet World.   In 1984 at 12 years old, I had just learned to Crochet from my Grandma G.  Using Red Heart SuperSaver in a bright orange, making a tube top for myContinue reading “TBT -Crochet World”

Throw back Thursday -Workbasket

Have you ever seen these… Workbasket Magazines.  They have a bit of everything from knit and crochet to gardening, cooking and to other crafts.  I have about a dozen from 1970 to 1983.  They are full of handy information and kitschy history.  Some of the ads are a hoot too like this one… Reduce inchesContinue reading “Throw back Thursday -Workbasket”

TBT -Hot Pants

Yes! Hot Pants for only 25 cents….. from C.J. Bates and Son, inc. (Susan Bates)  Hot Pants and Double-End Crochet Skirt!  And 35 cents each for either of these….. Shawls from Bernat and Granny Vests from Coats & Clark! Peek a boo Lolly!  The Rib Ticklers has a Copyright of 1971!  

TBT – Vintage Leaflets

Living in these shoes boxes is a treasure trove of all things Crochet…. Small books, old magazines, and leaflets lots and lots leaflets…. We all love those free leaflets.  My obession with collecting all things Crochet began immediately.  Every month the Oshkosh (WI) library has a old and used book sale in their basement.  DuringContinue reading “TBT – Vintage Leaflets”

TBT – Crochet Fantasy

Anyone remember this wonderful magazine….. This is the last issue, Winter 2005, I received.  I remember feeling sad for its end.  It was starting to get really good and more fashionable like this issue #176, August 2004… I made the top on the cover for one of my mom’s friends. And as I was lookingContinue reading “TBT – Crochet Fantasy”